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Ultra High-Density, Single-Output 160W AC/DC Power Supplies

Ultra High-Density, Single-Output 160W AC/DC Power Supplies

LHV Power Corporation has introduced a state-of-the-art family of ultra-high density AC/DC single-output power supplies that provide up to 160 watts of continuous power at typical efficiencies of 90 percent. Available in six models, with outputs ranging from 3.3 to 48 volts, the new LVOM-160 series is ideal for use in medical equipment and has received full medical, ITE, EN60601-1 and EMC safety approvals.

LVOM-160 models feature 18W/in.3 power density, for increased performance, and an industry-standard 2 x 4 x 1-inch footprint that enables a smaller system form factor. Moreover, they boast a digital control design that improves noise levels and transient response over typical analog feedback control systems, which assures maximum power density in each package volume.

Because of the LVOM-160 series' medical approvals, a device manufacturer can include multiple units in a typical EN60950-certified system and stay within the design's safety requirements for leakage current budget - a common challenge when multiple power supplies are required in a system. In addition, the units' significant efficiency translates into higher fanless power-output ratings than others of similar size, so more output power is available when fanless operation is desired.

From a cost-efficiency standpoint, an LVOM-160 unit's small size and high power density results in lower packing costs for the manufacturer's final product. The reduced cost also benefits from the unit's low weight (5.8oz / 170g), requiring less support structure around it.

The LVOM-160 series AC/DC single-output power supplies come with a 2-year warranty and in OEM quantities are priced from $27. Availability is stock to 12 weeks.

LHV Power Corporation
Part Number: LVOM-160


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