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Image courtesy of Behlman
<p>(Image courtesy of Behlman).</p>

"Turn-key" AC Frequency Converters

Behlman Electronics has announced its FC5003-C1-115-400 and BLX3X500C-8-5362 COTS frequency converters, with true "turn-key" performance that simplifies operation for industrial, commercial and military 400 Hz power requirements.

The Behlman FC5003 Frequency Converter is a "turn-key" solution for converting 120/208 VAC, 3-phase 47-63 Hz into clean, regulated 115/200 VAC 3-phase, 400 Hz power for critical avionics and related applications. This ultra-reliable frequency converter was originally designed to power military munitions test and programming systems used with precision-guided smart weapons, such as bombs and missiles.

Now, this AC frequency convertor is available to provide the highest level of plug-and-play performance for any 3-phase, 400-Hz industrial, commercial, or military requirement. It supplies 6000 VA, 16 Amps per phase, has all the protective circuitry required to assure long-term reliable testing, and comes with two DMMs for True RMS Volts and Amps.

A pre-wired 6-foot line cord with an NEMA L21-30P-type plug and an FSL4-FR female receptacle on the rear panel is standard.

Also being made available, for lower power applications, the Behlman BL3X500 Frequency Converter is a "turn-key" solution that converts 115 or 230 VAC, single-phase 47-63 Hz into clean, regulated, 115/200 VAC, 3-phase, 400 Hz at 1500 VA, 4.3 Amps per phase.  This unit has all the same protection as the higher power FC5003. It comes with a prewired 9.8 foot line cord with an NEMA L5-30-type plug and an FSL4-FR female receptacle on the rear panel. 

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