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True-rms Voltmeters Measure to 0V for Complex AC Voltages

Murata Power Solutions has introduced the DATEL DMS-20RM series of voltmeters that can measure the true-rms value of complex ac voltages and, with an input frequency range of 47 - 1kHz. It is ideal for use in a wide range of applications including high-end consumer electronics, laboratory instrumentation and other equipment requiring precise AC line monitoring. The DMS-20RM series can measure and accurately display the true-rms value of triangle waves, square waves or other irregularly shaped waveforms with a full scale accuracy of ± 0.4%. Also, the new modules can measure down to 0V.

The four-wire DATEL DMS-20RM series is available with a choice of three input ranges of 20VAC (with 0.01V resolution), 200VAC (0.1V resolution) or 300VAC (1V resolution). Depending on their application, customers can choose modules that operate from a supply voltage of either 85 to 264Vac or 10 to 40Vdc.

A three-and-a-half digit 9.4mm (0.37in.) bright red LED display allows easy reading of measurements from distances of up to approximately four meters (12 feet). Overall dimensions of the new modules (excluding PCB) are 1.38in. x 0.88in. x 1.00in. deep (35mm x 22.4mm x 25.4mm deep) and the units are packaged in a red filter case with a built-in bezel. Operating temperature range is -25°C to +60°C.

Pricing for DMS-20RM Series AC Voltmeters is $94 in singles and drops to $79.90 at 100 pieces. Small quantities (10) are available from stock; OEM quantities are 12 weeks ARO.

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