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True RMS Self-Powered AC Voltmeter 1.20-In. Panel Cutout

True RMS Self-Powered AC Voltmeter 1.20-In. Panel Cutout

The DMR20-1-ACV "nanometer" self-powered four-digit bright LED voltmeter from Murata can measure the true RMS value of its input from 85 to 264 VAC to within 0.1 V resolution. Designed to be completely self-contained, the low cost two-wire voltmeter requires no additional components or connections apart from the AC voltage it is measuring. It is capable of accurately measuring quasi-sine AC source such as modified, modified 2-step and modified 3-step sine wave in addition to conventional sine, triangle and square wave inputs.

The voltmeter fits an industry standard "oiltight" 30 and 30.5 mm / 1.2 inch round panel cutout. The 7.6 mm / 0.3 inch four-digit LED display is housed in a rugged round polycarbonate case that provides protection against dust, moisture, vibration and shock. It is supplied with an EPDM rubber gasket and plastic hex nut that aid protection to IP67 / NEMA6 specification for water ingress.

The DMR20-1-ACV is ideal for measuring the AC line voltage of a wide range of applications such as primary line power, power distribution units and backup power generation sources. The voltmeter consumes a maximum of 30 mA when used at 250 VAC / 60 Hz.

Round knockout punch tooling can be ordered with the DMR20.


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