Power Electronics

True Digital Power Solution Features 3-Way Power X79 Platforms

International Rectifier, IR, announced that its digital power solution featuring GUI-based VR design for fast, real-time tuning and system-level optimization powers All New 3-Way Digital X79 motherboards from GIGABYTE(tm), a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards.

Featuring Dynamic Phase Control (DPC) and Variable Gate Drive (VGD) technology, IR's true digital solution enables more efficient delivery of power to the processor over the entire load range to enhance system performance and end-user experience. IR's CHiL digital controller eliminates many external components necessary using hybrid digital or analog controller solutions to offer an extremely small, high density solution that allows incremental space on the motherboard to add extra system-level features.

The IR digital platform features a non-linear control architecture (adaptive transient algorithm, ATA) to allow best dynamic response with reduced output capacitor count to keep up with the demanding and highly variable workloads of the processor. Its true digital engine allows superior on-the-fly performance optimization across the full operating range and even above the range of the processor without the need to modify hardware, while maintaining fully stable operation. The solution also provides a full suite of telemetry via built-in I2C digital interface to offer real-time monitoring of voltage, current, temperature and power to fully optimize and maximize power delivery to the processor.

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