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Thermoelectric Tester

Chroma's Advanced TEC Controllers have an excellent temperature monitoring engine that allows two T-type thermal couple inputs. The cold junction of the engine is internally stabilized up to 0.001°C. With that, 0.01°C temperature resolution and control stability can be achieved. The TEC driver uses a filtered PWM architecture, having high driving power efficiency as ordinary PWM drivers, but smoothens the current modulation to a DC-like output - very important for electro-magnetic sensitive measurements.

Another important feature of Chroma's Advanced TEC Controllers is the true TEC PID auto tune function. Included is an auto tune algorithm to guarantee the best control and temperature response. Stability is achieved down to the temperature resolution regardless the size and geometry of thermal platforms.

High TEC driving capability is another feature of Chroma's Advanced TEC Controllers delivering 150W, 300W for high power TEC driving. More TEC driving power means wider temperature range, faster temperature response, and larger platform applications for comparable accuracy and stability.


  • Bidirectional driving with 150W (24V 8A) or 300W (27V 12 A) output
  • Filtered PWM output with > 90% driving power efficiency while maintaining linear driving with current ripples < 20 mA
  • Temperature reading and setting range -50 to 150°C with 0.01% resolution and 0.3% absolute accuracy
  • Short term stability (1 hour) ±0.01% and long term stability ±0.05% with optimal PID control
  • True TEC large signal PID auto tune for best control performance
  • 2 T-type thermal couple inputs
  • RS232 serial communication port
  • Powerful PC program available
  • Temperature controlled platforms available

Chroma System Solutions, Inc.
Part Number: TEC Controller

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