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Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

C-Therm group of Setaram launched the next generation of its thermal conductivity analyzer. The development introduces some impressive new capabilities. C-Therm completely redesigned the electronics and introduced a new 'high-resistance' sensor that has significantly expanded the thermal conductivity testing range of  the TCi to 220 W/mK, all while maintaining the instrument's hallmark ease-of-use and traditional high performance in accuracy and precision.

The new Compression Test Accessory (CTA) offers users characterizing compressible samples (e.g. textiles, insulation batting, thermal interface materials, powders, etc..) the ability to precisely control the densification of the material in reporting its effective thermal conductivity under real-world application conditions. The new High Pressure Cell (HPC) has proven popular with researchers in the energy field in testing gas hydrate materials in offering thermal conductivity testing capabilities at pressures up to 2000 PSI (~138 bar).

C-Therm also announced this past month the launch of their new dilatometer product line.  The system can be paired with the TCi's central controller in leveraging commonalities in the advanced electronics - providing significant economies to users.  The dilatometer product line offers an impressive temperature range up to 1,550° Celsius and single or dual-channel options.

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