Power Electronics

Text Presents Theory and Practical Designs for Switch Mode Power Supplies

Christophe Basso’s second book: “Switch Mode Power Supplies: SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs” offers a theoretical study of power conversion in both the dc-dc and ac-dc fields via a systematic equation-based approach. In this way, he bridges the gaps between academic discussions of the topic, market realities and existing approaches that are often too impractical to be of use in the real world of power supply design.

Capitalizing on 15 years of power supply design experience he has accumulated working as an applications engineer at ON Semiconductor, and before that at Motorola, Basso uses case studies to demonstrate how SPICE can assist and benefit engineers when they are designing power factor correctors, flyback converters and forward converters. For example, the book begins with small-signal analysis. Basso uses new auto-toggling average models specifically developed for this publication and outlines practical implementation with more than 10 design examples.

This 800-page manual can be used as a design companion for practicing engineers or as an indepth tutorial introduction to power conversion design for newcomers to the field and electrical engineering students. The book is published by McGraw-Hill and is available from online book retailers such as Amazon.com or from McGraw-Hill at: www.mhprofessional.com/.

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