Power Electronics

Tester Qualifies COTS Components for Harsh Environments

Intepro Systems’ SEMTest is a configurable stress-screening system able to perform accelerated lifetime testing of power semiconductors and modules incorporating IGBT, MOSFET, SCR, diode and bipolar parts. The system is ideal for both manufacturers and users of power semiconductors who want to qualify commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) devices for use in high-reliability applications found in automotive, transportation, aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical systems.

The core of SEMTest is a flexible architecture that can be modified to meet each customer’s unique test requirements. Standard systems can be configured with from 20 to 1000 test cells, but larger systems are available on special order. Each cell features its own local controller to set and monitor either applied or UUT (unit under test) power and other test parameters. Each cell also has a measurement unit for temperature, current, voltage, and timing making it possible for complete characterization and production tests to accelerate failure mechanisms of individual devices and determine functional operating limits. System prices start at approximately $100,000 with a typical 50-cell tester priced at $300,000, chambers additional.

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