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Supply Vendor Licenses DC-DC Converter Technology

Tyco Electronics Power Systems (www.power.tycoelectronics.com) has entered into a royalty-based technology licensing agreement with Astec Power that will allow Astec Power (www.astecpower.com) and its affiliates to use patented Tyco Power Systems technology in their current designs for their isolated eighth-brick and sixteenth-brick dc-dc converters. This agreement currently extends for the life of the patents.

This technology covered in U.S. Pat. Re. 36571 and a number of related patents is designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of self-synchronized rectifiers for application to clamped-mode power converters. Previously, efficiency had been limited because of the nature of switching boost converters and the variability of the transformer reset voltages in the forward type converters. By introducing a hybrid rectifier with a MOSFET rectifying device, Tyco Power Systems enhanced the efficiency of the rectifier, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufactured power converters.

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