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Supply Vendor Complies With Military Standards

Lambda (www.lambdapower.com) has announced that after extensive testing, its compact NV-175 and NV-350 families of configurable power supplies now comply with the U.S. military’s MIL-STD-810E standards for shock, transit drop, bench handling, basic transportation and shipboard vibration. The tests, which included subjecting regular production units to 40G for shocks, are designed to simulate the exposure of units to the demanding conditions of a military environment.

Other tests included a 1.2-m drop test on 26 faces, corners and edges of the power supply and a vibration sweep test of 10 cycles between 10 Hz and 500 Hz. Following the tests, each unit was visually, mechanically and functionally inspected and found to be in full working order.p> The NV-175 supplies are available with a choice of one to four outputs and come in the industry-standard 3- x 5-inch footprint.

The NV-350 units can be delivered with up to six outputs and are suitable for mounting in a 1U chassis.

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