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Step-Down Regulators Deliver Highest Power Density, Efficiency In Smallest Package

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED (TI) introduced the industry's smallest, most efficient step-down regulators with integrated FETs to support up to 25 A for telecommunications, networking and other applications. The easy-to-use, 25-A, 14-V, TPS56221 synchronous SWIFT switcher with integrated NexFET MOSFETs achieves a power density greater than 200 W/in3 with greater than 90-percent efficiency at high loads from a 12-V input to a 1.3-V output, delivering up to 25 A of continuous output current at 500-kHz switching frequency. The new TPS56121 15-A, 14-V synchronous switcher is three percent more efficient at 5-V input to 1.2-V output and switches twice as fast as similar 15-A products in the market.

TI says that board-mounted power supplies are typically packed with circuitry and require greater power density and power efficiency - especially those systems operating at higher currents. These two products expand the family into higher current applications and allow users to achieve breakthroughs in power density, efficiency and thermal management - and more energy-efficient and reliable end equipment.

The TPS56221 and TPS56121 come in a thermally enhanced 5-mm × 6-mm QFN package, and achieve a total solution size of 315 mm2 — 30-percent smaller than other discrete solutions. Both devices provide increased thermal performance, protection, efficiency and reliability. The switchers offer three selectable frequencies of 300 kHz, 500 kHz and 1 MHz for design flexibility and support input voltages of 4.5 V to 14 V.

Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX,

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