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SRF Series of EMI Line Filters

Bourns, Inc. announced the new SRF series of line filters for electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression. Designated Bourns® models SRF0504, SRF0602, SRF0905, SRF1006 and SRF1306, the new lead free line filters feature inductance values from 0.55 µH up to 6500 µH and current ratings as high as 5 amps. Line filters are required in personal computers, data terminals, test equipment and process controllers for high frequency suppression into or out of electronic equipment. The new devices are RoHS* compliant and offer excellent EMI suppression capability at high frequencies for a broad range of applications that require minimization of interference.

Technical Features
Model Current Rating Inductance Range Frequency Range
SRF0504 up to 5 A 0.55 to 5.0 µH to 1200 MHz
SRF0602 300 mA 10 to 330 µH to 1600 MHz
SRF0905 up to 1.6 A 10 to 6500 µH to 300 MHz
SRF1006 up to 1.4 A 120 to 5000 µH to 200 MHz
SRF1306 up to 2.7 A 35 to 1000 µH to 250 MHz

As a pricing reference, Bourns' new SRF series of line filters is priced from $0.36-$1.10 per piece and is available now.
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