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SPICE Simulation Tool Visualizes and Enhances Component Evaluation for Linear Designs

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) announced a new release of the NI Multisim Component Evaluator Analog DevicesĀ® Edition. In collaboration with National Instruments Corp. (NI), the new version of the free tool adds features and functionality to provide engineers with an easy-to-use environment for the simulation of linear circuits using ADI components. The new release of the Multisim ADI Edition includes more than 870 models of ADI's linear components. By pairing these components with intuitive simulation features and SPICE analyses, engineers can now visualize and evaluate linear performance, making this critical step of circuit design easier, faster and far more productive. The free component evaluation tool is available for download on ADI's website at http://www.analog.com/multisim.

Analog Devices
Part Number: Multisim

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