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SMPS Vendor Adds Sales Partner

Cherokee International today announced a representative agreement with New Age / Kruvand of Atlanta. New Age / Kruvand will be responsible for selling Cherokee International’s power supplies and power consulting services in the southeastern territory of the United States.

“We are pleased to add New Age / Kruvand as the new representative firm of our power supply products in the southeastern region,” said Howard Ribaudo, vice president of sales for Cherokee International. “New Age / Kruvand has been an expert in this area for over a decade and will enhance our ability to reach design engineers at the front end of new programs.”

In a move to pick the Artesyn Technologies power supply representatives who were let go during Astec’s purchase of Artesyn, Cherokee International has chosen New Age / Kruvand to join its team. New Age / Kruvand brings with it years of experience in the power supply industry.

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