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Simulation Tool Developer Receives Patent

Intusoft has been awarded U.S. patent 7,110,929 B1. The patent was issued in the name of the company’s president and founder, Lawrence Meares, for the development of “System and Method of Providing Additional Circuit Analysis Using Simulation Templates.” The capability has been a key provision in the control of SPICE circuit simulation, custom waveform processing, and interaction with these processes by users of Intusoft’s tools.

In October, the ICAP/4 8.x.11 Build 2817 SPICE simulation tool suite was announced at the Power Systems World 2006 convention in Long Beach, California. But for years ICAP/4 has extensively employed the now-patented simulation templates. Templates are comprised of embedded scripts that are programmed using Intusoft’s “Interactive Command Language” (ICL) for custom analysis of analog, mixed-signal and mixed-system design. As far back as the 1980s, Intusoft brought to fruition what Berkeley attempted as a fully functional SPICE scripting language.

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