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Power Electronics

Self- Compensating Digital Point-of-Load Modules

CUI Inc. releases what is said to be the industry's first self-compensating No-Bus digital point of load dc-dc module family. The modules are specifically designed for customers who value the efficiency and compensation advantages inherent in digital power but do not want to incorporate digital bus communication in their systems. The NSM2P series will allow customers to access many of the same features as a fully digital POL, however the access will be via header pins that will connect to a USB dongle and CUI's Digital Power GUI. The designer can dynamically test and manipulate the desired functions within their system, monitor the results, and set the desired fault management functions. In production, the engineering header is pulled and the specified parameters are loaded into the module by CUI based on the customer's specific requirement.

The NSM2P has the same features and functions of the recently announced NDM2P series without the need for a serial bus connection on the board, also offering true cycle-by-cycle self- compensation, autonomously balancing the trade-offs between dynamic performance and system stability. With this feature, designers are able to bypass the traditional practice of building-in margins to account for factors such as component ageing, manufacturing variations, and temperature, which inevitably lead to higher component cost and longer design cycles. The NSM2P's take full advantage of Powervation's cycle by cycle self-compensation feature, the module is able to dynamically set optimum stability in real time as conditions change.

Offering efficiencies above 93% at half load, the NSM2P series is available with an input range of 4.5~14 Vdc and a selectable output range of 0.6~3.3 Vdc in three compact DIP configurations; a 12 A version measuring 0.825 (L) X 0.500 (W) X 0.286 (H) in., a 25 A version measuring 1.01 x 0.54 x 0.32 in., and a 50 A version measuring 1.215 x 0.79 x 0.36 in. SMT and SIP versions will be available as well. Additional features include 1% Vout accuracy, precision ramp control, margining, and a multi-config. pin that allows up to 8 configuration files to be stored in a single part number as well as a nested footprint between the three modules to support dual layout needs. The NSM2P modules are optimized for the complex needs in the low core voltages requirements of today's most advanced chips.

The NSM2P series the latest addition to CUI's Novum® Advanced Power product line, which focuses solely on the design and development of leading edge power platforms.

Part Number: NSM2P

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