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Second Generation Digital Power Controller

POWERVATION announces the release of their second generation digital power controller designated PV3012. Based on Powervation's unique proprietary DSP/RISC based architecture, the PV3012 includes many new enhancements and features in addition to Powervation's highly acclaimed proprietary cycle-by-cycle Auto-control loop compensation originally seen in first generation products.

The new silicon features enhanced communications, ±0.5% output voltage set-point accuracy, ultra-low ripple with levels comparable to analog PWM controllers, and highly accurate telemetry with ‘best-in-class’ measurement of input and output voltage, output current and temperature over an industry standard PMBus I2C interface. Using ‘all differential mode’ measurement, this latter feature enables users to obtain highly accurate real-time data on power consumption at the point-of-load (POL), enabling OEMs for the first time to profile energy usage and use data to manage power consumption and improve energy efficiency at the platform level.

In addition, communication has been augmented with Intel's serial VID (SVID) protocol designed for use with both processors and memory ICs. The parts also introduce tracking for VTT for DDR3 applications.

Ideal for single or dual-phase applications in the 20-60A range, the PV3012 can also be configured for use in high current (100A+) applications using Powervation's proprietary Digital Stress Sharing (DSS) single-wire current sharing technology to enable highly accurate current sharing across multiple POLs, while also factoring in temperature at each and every phase. This unique scheme based on a quasi-democratic fail-safe system eliminates hot spots, and helps factor out differences in impedance - often a significant problem in current sharing systems. The DSS technology allows for up to 16 controllers, and 32-phases to current share, aided by PLL internal clocks to assure accurate out-phasing.

Powervation Ltd., Limerick, Ireland, www.powervation.com/home

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