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Saturday Seminars Explore Electric Vehicle Conversion

EVhelp is offering Saturday seminars to help individuals convert their own petroleum-based vehicle to all electric. The seminar is designed to help everyone from backyard mechanics to electrical engineers escape the gas pumps with reliable plug-in transportation.

”This seminar is a must for most people who are contemplating such a conversion because it builds the kind of confidence that is needed to tackle the project by addressing all of the details from mechanical to electrical, says instructor, Mark Hazen. “Even welding is introduced.”

The seminar, which is held at the EVhelp conversion workshop in Ocala, Florida, begins at 9:30 AM with in-processing, includes an outdoor grill lunch and concludes at 4:00 PM. The introductory cost is only $99.95 including lunch. The next seminar is scheduled for September 6. For further details see www.evhelp.com or email [email protected] .

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