Power Electronics

Ruggedized Quarter Bricks Provide High Power Density

SynQor's IQ24-QTA family of isolated dc-dc converters with 18-Vdc to 36-Vdc inputs offers up to 120 W or 40 A in the quarter-brick footprint and pinout. The units operate with up to 93% efficiency. Available single-output configurations are 1.8 V, 40 A; 3.3 V, 30 A; 5 V, 24 A; 7 V, 17 A; 12 V, 10 A; 15 V, 8 A; 24 V, 5 A; 30 V/4 A and 48 V, 2.5 A. The output-voltage trim range is +10% to -20%.

The devices are available in one of three mechanical configurations: open frame (for convection-cooled applications); attached baseplate (for conduction-cooled applications); and fully encapsulated (for harsh environments). The modules are priced at $103 in OEM quantities.

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