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Image courtesy of Chroma Systems Solutions
<p>(Image courtesy of Chroma Systems Solutions).</p>

Regenerative Grid Simulator 30/45/60kVA

​Chroma System Solutions' 61800 is a full 4-quadrant, fully regenerative, AC power source with advanced features satisfying rigorous regulatory standards testing as well as design and verification testing throughout the product development cycle.

The 61800's power can both sink and source from the UUT. In cases where the UUT sources current, a detection circuit will sense the excess power and recycle it back to the grid. Designed to simulate grid characteristics the 61800 is ideal for testing PV inverter, on-line UPS, Smart Grid, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Energy Storage System (ESS) applications as well as common electrical product testing such as home appliances and industrial electronics requiring a programmable input source.

  • Power rating: o Model 61830: 30kVA
  • Model 61845: 45kVA
  • Model 61860: 60kVA (parallel up 300kVA)
  • Output Voltage: 0-300V
  • Output Frequency: DC, 30Hz-100Hz
  • Full 4 quadrant, fully regenerative up to 100% of output current rating
  • Specifically designed for PV inverter, Smart Grid and EV test applications 
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