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Radial Leaded High-Temperature Automotive Varistor

AVX Corporation has expanded its automotive product portfolio to include a compact radial leaded, high temperature varistor solution. Developed specifically for harsh environments, including under the hood automotive applications, the space-saving Radial Leaded High-Temperature Automotive TransGuard Series is qualified to AEC Q200 and features an operating temperature of 150°C. Providing bi-directional transient voltage protection in on-state, the Radial Leaded High-Temperature Automotive TransGuard Series also provides excellent EMI/RFI attenuation in the off-state.

Providing high energy/current handling capability and 25kV ESD rating, the RoHS- compliant Radial Leaded High Temperature Automotive TransGuard's robust construction make it ideal for down-hole drilling and other harsh environment applications as well.

The Radial Leaded High Temperature Automotive TransGuard is the first release in a complete line of radial leaded varistor devices that will be released throughout the next 12 months. The series will ultimately include radial leaded varistors for industrial applications, automotive non-harsh environ applications, and extended voltage ratings for use in heavy equipment and commercial vehicle applications.

Typical prices range from $0.18 - $0.26 depending on volume with a lead time of 12 weeks.

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