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Rack Mount High Voltage Power Systems

UltraVolt, Inc. announced the launch of its newest high-voltage power systems - the HV Rack Advanced and HP Advanced Series. The UltraVolt HV Rack Series is already known for its high reliability and easy-to-use front-panel controls and meters. These new high-voltage power systems continue that design philosophy, offering even more advanced controls and interfaces - but they also launch UltraVolt products into exponentially higher power - into the multi-kilowatt range. Previously, the maximum output power of UltraVolt products was 1kW - the new systems are able to deliver up to 90kW.

In addition to UltraVolt's advance into higher power levels, the new lines are unlike anything the company has produced in its 20-year history. The HV Rack Advanced and HP Advanced lines utilize state-of-the-art technology, including computerized front panels, full controls and displays, a multitude of digital and analog interfaces, and an SD Card memory function for loading preset user voltage/current curves. Both series offer advanced measurement and data logging in addition to standard modes for constant voltage and constant current. The HV Rack HP Advanced also provides DC source simulation modes such as constant resistive, constant power, photovoltaic, and automotive, to name a few. Custom modes can be prepared by UltraVolt to meet a customer's specific needs. Customers will also benefit from the high performance of the systems, which includes excellent line and load regulation, low ripple, and low noise.

The HV Rack Advanced and HP Advanced product lines are ideal for design engineers in a variety of industries, including automotive, industrial, aerospace, railway, energy, medical, academia, and research and development. The systems are optimal for high-voltage, high-current, or high-power applications (such as ATE) in fields including laboratory and production subsystem testing for hybrid cars, aircraft, trains, and shipboard. Other end-use applications include motor operation, galvanic processes, plating, remediation, process-water treatment, waste-water treatment, and other process equipment.

HV Rack Advanced systems offer output voltages from 0 to 20VDC up to 1,200VDC, currents from 0 to 2.5A to 500A, and an output power range of 0 to 2kW up to 10kW. The HV Rack HP Advanced line offers 0 to 40VDC up to 1,200VDC, currents from 0 to 2.5A to 2,250A, and an output power range even higher than the HV Rack Advanced - 0 to 5kW up to 60kW. Customers who need even higher power can specify the master-slave option for the high-power system, which allows the HV Rack HP Advanced Series to reach the 90kW level.

Part Number: HP Advanced

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