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Quadtech Introduces DC Programmable Power Source Product Line

QuadTech announced the expansion of its programmable power source product line with the new 44000 Series Programmable DC Electronic Loads. The QuadTech, Inc. 44000 Series Programmable DC Electronic Load is ideal for testing and evaluation of multi-output AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, Li-ion batteries and power electronic components. The series offers eight different modules with power ratings from 100 watts to 1,200 watts, current ratings from 0.5mA to 240A and voltage ratings from 0.5mV to 500V.

Designed for applications in research and development, production and incoming inspection, the system is configured by plugging the user-selectable load modules into the system mainframe. The loads can be operated in constant current, constant voltage, constant power and constant resistance, and may be placed in parallel for increased current and power.

The 44000 Series can simulate a wide range of dynamic loading applications. The waveform's programmable parameters include: up to 10A/┬Ás slew rate, load level, and duration. Up to 100 sets of system operating status can be stored in memory and recalled instantly for automated testing applications.

The 44000 Loads user interfaces include an ergonomically designed, user-friendly keypad on the front panel and the following computer interfaces: RS-232 standard, optional USB or GPIB for automated production lines.

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