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iWatt has launched two digital pulse width modulation (PWM) controllers that enable smaller (as small as 2cm x 2cm x 1.7cm), greener power adapters up to 40W.

The iW1699 and iW1760, based on the company's newest PrimAccurate controller platform, allow designers to meet stringent emerging global energy regulations for AC/DC power adapters (including the proposed 2013 U.S. DOE regulations: RIN-1904-AB57), which require that they consume less than 100mW standby power:

  • iW1699 is for applications up to 12W, with ultra-low standby power (< 30mW), for smart phones and media tablets.
  • iW1760 is for applications requiring higher power, up to 40W, with low standby power (< 50mW) for set top boxes, home networking devices, and household appliances.

iWatt cooperated with customers while developing the ICs, including two who have already designed them in. Taiwan's Leader Electronics explained that the iW1760 helps them meet the tighter energy efficiency standards proposed by the DOE, and China's Huntkey Enterprise Group said that the iW1699 allows them to squeeze more power into a smaller sized adapter.

iWatt enhanced its PrimAccurate controller platform so that the new controllers deliver improvements over the company's earlier iW1691 controller:

  • iW1699's < 30mW no-load standby power consumption is 70% lower than the iW1691, and also uses smaller input and output capacitors to reduce BOM size and cost for ultra-compact adapters.
  • A user-configurable, five-level cable drop compensation (CDC) option adds design flexibility.
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