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PV Roofing Installations Support Internet Monitoring

Old Country Roofing has signed agreements with Xantrex Technology and Fat Spaniel Technologies (FST) to offer a comprehensive solar energy conversion and monitoring solution to OCR's more than 100 homebuilding customers throughout Central and Northern California. FST will provide real-time monitoring of the solar installations via the Internet.

"Our relationship with Fat Spaniel Technologies will enable us to offer Internet monitoring of new solar energy installations to homebuilders and homebuyers so they can see the energy savings from their solar roofs,” said Aaron Nitzkin, Vice President of Solar Operations at Old Country Roofing. "We've also found that our solar customers enjoy checking on the status and output of their systems – they can literally watch while they save money on energy costs. "

Old Country Roofing will incorporate Xantrex GT Series grid tie solar inverters to convert electricity produced by the solar installations for usage in the home, as well as the net-metering of surplus electricity into the power grid. Old Country Roofing will also utilize BP Solar's EnergyTile integrated solar-electric roof system.

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