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Programmable Industrial System Monitor

KDMON is a system monitoring device which can check various industrial equipment electrical signals: analog voltage (-30V to +30V), analog current (4-20mA), the presence or absence of data on an RS485 bus, the contents of registers in an RS485 MODBUS Slave device, or a relay contact closure (uses the analog voltage input).  Based on observing these signals, KDMON can be configured to generate alarms by SMS text message, email (SMTP), or fax (Group 3).  KDMON can also act as a protocol-independent communications monitor, and trigger an alarm upon a specific byte sequence, or a lack of bus activity. This function can work on 2-wire RS485 or on either half of a 4-wire RS485 or RS422 system.

A wide range of alarm conditions and notification options can be configured via a serial configuration port (RS232 or USB via converter cable) using the supplied Windows-based configuration program and an external modem. The modem type depends on the type of notification required.  SMS transmission requires an external GSM modem, which can be an industrial GSM model or a data-capable GSM or a satellite phone which supports the GSM/Hayes command set.  SMS provides additional features which are not available via email or fax, such as triggering of simulated alarms, resetting alarms, setting KDMON real time clock or SMS to email gateway for system testing, etc.)

A recipient will be sent an alarm message if the following conditions are met: alarm type set AND recipient is set to always be notified OR the alarm message has not been successfully sent to any prior recipients in the list AND current day and time is within the range set for this recipient.  If any alarms are triggered, this will be indicated by the Alarm LED on the front panel.  A momentary press of the front panel push-button will reset all alarms and will switch off the Alarm LED.

The voltage input A-D converter has a finite resolution of 12 bits with a voltage input range of -33V to +33V. The current input is designed for standard 4-20mA transducers. The transducer current is passed through a 47ohm resistor and the voltage drop across this resistor is measured using the 12-bit A-D converter.  KDMON provides an unregulated -20V output for powering the transducer.  The relay output is a normally-open isolated contact which can be closed when an alarm occurs, opening after a programmed time or when the alarm is cleared.   KDMON requires a 7-35V DC 300mA power supply.  The operating temperature range of KDMON is -20degC to +50degC. KDMON clips to a standard 35mm DIN rail and is housed in a 1.2" (W) x 4.5" (H) x 3.8" case.  KDMON is produced by KK Systems, Europe's foremost serial interface manufacturer, and is now available from their USA distributor Saelig Company.

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