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Programmable Function Generator Includes PC Interface

B&K Precision’s Model 4045 Programmable Synthesized Function Generator can generate sine, square, triangle, and arbitrary waveforms with crystal-controlled sampling rates of up to 20 Hz, 12-bit vertical resolution, and up to 1000 points. Programming can be remotely controlled by the built-in RS-232 interface. A built-in PC software program allows the user to easily create, edit, and download complex waveforms.

Waveforms can be edited from scratch or by modifying standard waveforms. Waveforms can be stored in the Model 4045’s flash memory. The unit features a 20 MHz sweep-frequency range (sine and square only), includes a linear or logarithmic sweep function, and supports both AM and FM modulation. The unit is 3.5 in. x 8.3 in. x 8.4 in. and is priced at $995.

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