Power Electronics

Precision Power Analyzer Features Six Channels

Voltech has produced a six-channel power analyzer with a 10-MHz bandwidth and 0.02% basic accuracy. Ideal for making measurements on electrical and electronic products ranging from power supplies to large electrical machines, the Voltech PM6000 has both high measurement performance and beneficial user features.

The PM6000 power analyzer is available with 1 to 6 temperature-compensated measurement channels and a range of current shunts and transducers suitable for all applications. The fully isolated measurement channels (with optional plug-in current shunts) sample and process the power waveforms at 5 MSPS up to 1 MHz and 40 MSPS to provide alias-free measurements above 1 MHz up to 10 MHz. The sample rate is maintained independent of the measured frequency due to the parallel processing capabilities of the PM6000.

The instrument has a CMRR of 140dB at 60 Hz and 95dB at 1 MHz. It also has a ±12V supply for powering Hall-effect modules.

Measurement set-up is via the easy-to-use front panel keyboard and menu system, or one of the remote interfaces. A color VGA display is used to show results and waveforms.

The PM6000 chassis is designed around a LINUX based PC and PCI bus for maximum flexibility of the user interface and speed of data transfer.

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