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Powershelf Accommodates Three Front-End Supplies

C&D Technologies has introduced a new powershelf that is designed to accommodate up to three of the company’s D1U ac-dc front-end power supplies in parallel. The S1U-3X alleviates the need for designers to develop a custom chassis to accommodate multiple power supply modules.

Using the powershelf helps simplify system design, reduce non-recurring engineering activity and shorten time to market by providing a 1U-high powershelf that is fully compatible with standard 19-in. rack systems. Two versions of the powershelf provide compatibility with 12-V and 48-V versions of C&D’s D1U power supplies.

The S1U-3X allows hot insertion/removal of power supplies, and also features a blind docking connection. Screw terminal lug connections that accommodate #2 AWG cabling are used as a bus for the dc output. A separate single connector enables the powershelf to host communication via the I2C bus.

A 12-V powershelf holding three D1U-W-1600-12 power supplies is able to support 4.8 kW of bulk 12-V power. A 48-V powershelf containing three D1U-W-2000-48 power supplies supports 6 kW of bulk 48-V power.

An optional shelf-to-shelf signal connector can be utilised to facilitate the interconnection of two S1U-3X powershelves in parallel. This provides 9.6 kW of bulk 12-V power, or 12 kW of bulk 48-V power. Unit pricing for the S1U is $428.76 in OEM quantities.

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