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Power Supply Vendor Receives Patent for DC-DC Circuit

Cherokee International has received a patent for its “Lossless Clamp” circuit for dc-dc converters, which can be used as a standalone stage or incorporated in ac-dc products. The “Lossless Clamp” patent lowers dissipation losses, raising dc-dc converter efficiency.

“Based upon our experience, we have found that this patent has extended our performance for circuits using synchronous rectification by minimizing the drain to source voltage spike during switching transitions resulting in a significant gain in efficiency to the order of several percentage points,” said Michael Wagner, vice president of marketing for Cherokee International. “This effort was spearheaded by Moshe Domb, director of research and development for Cherokee International in collaboration with several other members of the engineering team including Jackie Tang, director of engineering and Alex Patel, vice president of engineering.”

With Cherokee International’s now patented approach, overall power supply efficiency is improved by 3 to 4 percentage points. This patented approach is currently available in the company’s CAR2500 Series, CAR1200 Series, and several custom power supplies.

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