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Power Supplies Provide 125 W at 30 kV

UltraVolt, has extended its High Power “C” Series up to 30 kV from the previous maximum of 25 kV. The High Power “30C” dc-dc high-voltage converters are designed to deliver 0 Vdc to 30 kVdc in a small volume. Each High Power 30C power supply is available in 0 W to 60 W or 0 W to 125 W output ranges.

The High Power 30C line also features high efficiency, tight regulation, low ripple, and good temperature stability. Furthermore, the line displays all of the features of the High Power “C” Series, including fast-rise, low-overshoot capacitor charging along with stable efficient dc bias operation. In addition, each power supply includes output voltage and current monitors, and provides maximum Iout down to 0 V.

For pricing and availability of the new power supply, contact UltraVolt.

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