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Power Supplies To Be Used in Oil and Gas Exploration

Behlman Electronics has received several new orders totaling over $1,000,000 for power supplies used in oil and gas exploration. Deliveries under these orders are expected to commence in the third quarter of 2008 and continue through the fourth quarter of 2009. Based in Hauppauge, NY, Behlman Electronics is the Power Group within Orbit International, an electronics manufacturer, systems integrator and software solution provider.

The first order is in excess of $800,000, for a power supply that Behlman has been supplying its customer since 1995. To date, over 1,500 units of this power supply have been delivered to the customer. Behlman also received an order for a power supply that it has been supplying to a second customer since 2000.

Behlman received a third order for a new application in oil and gas exploration totaling over $100,000. On delivery of the preproduction unit and completion of field testing, its customer has projected placing additional orders in 2008 totaling approximately $250,000.

“With these new orders, Behlman has a backlog of oil and gas services business that will provide consistent revenue through the end of 2009,” says Mark Tublisky, president of Behlman Electronics. “In addition, we believe that present conditions in this marketplace should lead to additional orders and strong revenue from this product line.”

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