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Power Filter for Digital Signage

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson expanded its market presence, acknowledging a new opportunity for growth in digital signage. While digital signage is one of the newest forms of communication it is subject to the oldest threat - transients caused by electrical line noise that can degrade, disrupt and even destroy its sensitive electronic components. To assure the reliability of digital signage equipment, Emerson Network Power's ONEAC business today introduced its new SLIMtec 5 Amp Power Filter.

The ONEAC SLIMtec's advanced design combines the benefits of filter technology and surge suppression to provide an extra level of protection beyond a traditional TVSS alone. Ultra-compact, easy access receptacles, and wall-mountable in multiple orientations, SLIMtec fits perfectly behind the thin display screens that are increasingly being deployed in restaurants, hospitals, campuses, airports and other commercial areas. While SLIMtec's compact design is appealing to the digital signage industry, it is also excellent for providing protection to kiosks, video monitors and projectors, gaming machines, computers, point-of-sale equipment, and small printers. Offering both power and data line protection (10BASE-T, 100BASE-T and GigE network lines), SLIMtec is the most convenient, cost-effective power filter available today.

The ONEAC SLIMtec power filter is built based on a field-proven, extremely reliable architecture with a robust design. ONEAC products are designed and manufactured under ISO9001 to ensure consistent quality and performance. The SLIMtec Power Filter is backed by a two-year warranty.

Approvals and Availability The ONEAC SLIMtec Power Filter is UL and cUL approved and is listed under UL1449, UL497B, and 1283. The SLIMtec is available immediately.

Emerson Network Power
Part Number: SLIMtec

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