Power Electronics
Power Electronics Online Buying Guide: Power Supplies

Power Electronics Online Buying Guide: Power Supplies


Company City and State URL Type
Abbott Technologies Sun Valley, CA http://www.abbott-tech.com AC/DC
Acopian Power Supplies Easton, PA http://www.acopian.com DC/DC, AC/DC,Brick
Advanced Power Solutions Pleasonton, CA http://www.advpower.com AC/DC
American Reliance San Diego, CA http://www.amrelpower.com DC/DC
Ametek Programmable Power San Diego, CA http://www.programmablepower.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Arnold Magnetics Corp. Camarillo, CA http://www.amcpower.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Astrodyne Corp. Mansfield, MA http://www.astrodyne.com DC/DC, Encapsulated
B&B Electronics, Inc. Ottawa, IL http://www.bb-elec.com DC/DC, AC/DC
B&K Precision Yorba Linda, CA http://www.bkprecision.com AC/DC
BALLUFF Inc. Florence, KY http://www.balluff.com AC/DC
Behlman  Electronics Hauppauge, NY http://www.behlman.com DC/DC, AC/DC, HV
Bel Jersey City, NJ http://www.belfuse.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Bel Power Inc. Westborough, MA http://www.belpower.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Brick
Benning Power Electronics Richardson. MA http://www.benning.us. AC/DC
Beta Dyne Bridgewater, MA http://www.beta-dyne.com AC/DC, Encapsulated
Bias Power, Inc. Buffalo Grove, IL http://www.biaspower.com AC/DC, Encapsulated
CUI Tualatin, OR http://www.cui.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Bus Converter, POL, Encapsulated
Cincon Electronics Co. Ltd. Ventura, CA http://www.cincon.com AC/DC, Encapsulated
Condor Electronics, Inc. San Jose, CA http://www.condorelectronics.net AC Adapter
Cosel USA, Inc. San Jose, CA http://www.coselusa.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated, POL
Crane Aerospace  (Interpoint) Redmond, WA http://www.crane-eg.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Dawn VME Products Fremont, CA http://www.dawnvme.com AC/DC
Delta Electronics Group Tucson, AZ http://www.deltaspsu.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Delta Electronics Inc. Taipei http://www.deltaww.com DC/DC, Bus Converter, Encapsulated
Delta Elektronika BV Zierikzee http://www.delta-elektronika.nl DC/DC
Delus Power Guangzhou http://www.deluspower.com DC/DC, AC/DC, SIP/DIP, Encapsulated
Diversified Technologies, Inc. Bedford, MA http://www.divtecs.com AC/DC, Encapsulated
DongAh Elecomm USA Richardson, TX http://www.dongahusa.com AC/DC, Encapsulated
EMCO High Voltage Co. Sutter Creek, CA http://www.emcohighvoltage.com DC/DC, Encapsulated
Elpac Power Systems Westchester, IL http://www.iccnexergy.com AC/DC
Eltek Richardson, TX http://www.eltek.com AC/DC
Emerson Network Power Carlsbad, CA http://www.emersonnetworkpower.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Brick
Enpirion Hampton, NJ http://www.enpirion.com DC/DC, Bus Converter
Eplax Bremen http://www.eplax.de DC/DC, AC/DC
Ericsson Power Modules Stockholm http://www.ericsson.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Brick, Bus Converter, POL
Exar Corp. Fremont, CA http://www.exar.com POL
Excelsys Technlogies Rockwall, TX http://www.excelsys.com AC/DC
FDK America Sunnyvale, CA http://www.fdkamerica.com DC/DC, POL, Brick
FSP Group Taoyuan http://www.fsp-group.com.tw AC/DC
GAIA Converter Bordeaux http://www.gaia-converter.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated
GE Critical Power Dallas, TX http://www.lineagepower.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Brick, Bus Converter, POL
GE Energy Power Electronics Dallas, TX http://www.ge-energy.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Brick
Glassman High Voltage Inc. High Bridge, NJ http://www.glassmanhv.com DC/DC, HV
Global Specialties Yorba Linda, CA http://www.globalspecialties.com AC/DC
Golden Pacific Electronics Placentia, CA http://www.gpelectronics.com DC/DC, AC/DC
HiTek Power Inc. Littlehampton http://www.hitekpower.com DC/DC, AC/DC, HV
High Voltage Power Solutions Dallas, TX http://www.hvpowersystems.com DC/DC
ICCNexergy Inc. Chicago, IL http://www.iccnexergy.com AC/DC
ITT Exelis West Springfield, MA http://www.exelis-ps.com DC/DC, AC/DC, HV
Internatioanl Power DC Supplies Oxnard, CA http://www.internationalpower.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Kepco Inc Flushing, NY http://www.kepcopower.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Kikusui Electronics Corp. Yokohama http://www.kikusui.co.jp AC/DC
LHV Power Corporation Santee, CA http://www.lhvpower.com AC/DC, AC Adapter
Leader Electronics Inc. New Taipei City http://www.lei.com.tw AC/DC
Lineage Power (GE) Dallas, TX http://www.lineagepower.com DC/DC, Brick, Bus Converter, POL
Linear Technology Milpitas, CA http://www.linear.com DC/DC, SIP/DIP, Encapsulated
Magna-Power Electronics Flemington, NJ http://www.magna-power.com AC/DC
Martek Power Torrance, CA http://www.martekpower.com DC/DC, SIP/DIP, Encapsulated
Mean Well USA Inc. Fremont, CA http://www.meanwellusa.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated
MicroPower Direct Stoughton,MA http://www.micropowerdirect.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated
Murata Power Solutions Mansfield, MA http://www.murata-ps.com DC/DC, AC/DC, POL, Encapsulated
N2Power, Inc. Simi Valley, CA http://www.qualstar.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Neeltran, Inc. New Milford, CT http://www.neeltran.com AC/DC
NetBit Electrionics, Inc. Brooklyn, NV http://www.netbit.com AC/DC
North Atlantic Industries Bohemia, NY http://www.naii.com AC/DC, Brick
Oltronix Industrial Power Supplies BV Leek http://www.oltronix.nl AC/DC
Omron Electronix, Inc. Tokyo http://www.omron.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Phihong Fremont,CA http://www.phihong.com AC/DC
Picor No. Smithfield, RI http://www.vicr.com DC/DC,POL,Encapsulated
Pioneer Magnetics Santa Monica, CA http://www.pioneermag.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Polytron Devices Paterson, NJ http://www.polytrondevices.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated
Power Mate Technology Co. Ltd. Taichung City http://www.pduke.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Brick
Power-One Camarillo, CA http://www.power-one.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Brick, Bus Converter, POL
PowerGate LLC Santa Clara, CA http://www.powergatellc.com Distributor, AC/DC, Encapsulaed
Powerbox AB Gnesta http://www.powerbox.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Powerstax plc Farnborough http://www.powerstaxplc.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Brick
RECOM Power Inc. Brooklyn, NY http://www.recom-power.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated
Rantec Power Systems Inc. Los Osos, CA http://www.rantec.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Roal Electronics Castelfidardo http://www.roallivingenergy.com AC/DC, Encapsulated
SL Power Electronics Ventura, CA http://www.slpower.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Sanken Electric Co. Ltd. Tokyo http://www.sanken-ele.co.jp DC/DC, AC/DC, AC Adapter, Encapsulated
Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. Atkinson, NH http://www.dcdc.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated
Shindengen Electric Mfg. Ltd. Tokyo http://www.shindengen.co.jp DC/DC, AC/DC, SIP/DIP
Snaptec Australia, Pty., Ltd. Kings Park NSW http://www.snaptec.com.au DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated
SolaHD Rosemont, IL http://www.solahd.com AC/DC
Sparkle Power, Inc. San Jose,CA  http://www.sparklepower.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated
Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation Hauppauge, NY http://www.spellmanhv.com DC/DC, AC/DC, HV
Stontronics Ltd. Berkshire http://www.stontronics.co.uk DC/DC, AC/DC
Sunpower Technology Corp. New Taipei City http://www.sunpower.com.tw DC/DC, AC/DC
SynQor Boxborough, MA http://www.synqor.com DC/DC,AC/DC, Brick, POL
TDK-Lambda San Diego, CA http://www.tdk-lambda DC/DC, AC/DC, Brick, Bus Converter, POL
TESLAco Irvine, CA http://www.teslaco.com AC/DC
Taiyo Yuden (USA) Inc. Schaumburg, IL http://www.t-yuden.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated
Tamura Corp.of America Escondido, CA http://www.tamuracorp.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Tectrol Toronto, Ontario http://www.tectrol.com AC/DC, Brick
Telkoor Power Supplies Ltd. Netanya http://www.telkoor.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Texas Instruments Dallas, TX http://www.ti.com DC/DC, Bus Converter, POL, SIP/DIP
Traco Power Zurich http://www.tracopower.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated, SIP/DIP
Tri-Mag Visalia, CA http://www.tri-mag.com DC/DC, AC/DC
Tumbler Technologies + TRUMPower Santa Clara, CA http://www.TRUMPower.com AC/DC
Ultravolt Ronkonkoma, NY http://www.ultravolt.com DC/DC, AC/DC, HV
Unipower Inc. Coral Springs, FL http://www.unipowercorp.com DC/DC, AC/DC
VPT Power Blacksburg, VA http://www.vptpower.com DC/DC, Bus Converter, POL, Encapsulated, Rad Hard
Vicor (COTS) Andover, MA http://www.vicr.com AC/DC, Brick
Vicor Corp. Andover, MA http://www.vicr.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Brick, Bus Converter, POL
Volgen San Jose, CA http://www.volgen.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Encapsulated
Wilorco Long Beach, CA http://www.wilorco.com DC/DC, AC/DC
XP Power Sunnyvale, CA http//www.xppower.com DC/DC, AC/DC, Brick, Bus Converter, POL
Zalman Seoul http://www.zalman.co.kr AC/DC

HV = High Voltage

POL = Point Of Load

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