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Power Electronics Award Recognizes Bruce Carsten

This year, Power Electronics Technology magazine presents its Lifetime Achievement Award to Bruce Carsten. A feature in the September issue of the magazine chronicles Carsten’s exploits as designer, author, and educator. Carsten will be honored in an awards ceremony at the Power Electronics Technology Conference in Long Beach, Calif. on Wednesday, October 25, 2006.

Described by colleagues in the industry as “an engineer’s engineer,” Carsten has done landmark work in high-frequency magnetics design and made numerous other contributions in switch-mode power supply design. After spending the early part of his career working in industry, Carsten went out on his own as a design consultant. Over the course of his 38 years in power electronics, Carsten has also authored many influential conference papers and taught numerous design seminars at conferences around the globe.

The September feature on Carsten discusses his entry into the power electronics field as well as his work in developing peak-current-mode control, hot-swap power modules, and switchmode telecom rectifiers. In addition to the article that appears in print, an expanded version appears here.

The online article provides additional details on Carsten’s earliest experiences in electronics, his work on active clamp reset, visionary work on low-voltage dc-dc converters, and magnetics design. The online article also contains a lengthy listing of Carsten’s technical publications.

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