Power-efficient servers pay for themselves in months

Installations of new, energy efficient servers with more powerful processors at companies such as Intel, Google, Amazon and others are reducing energy costs by as much as 90%. As such, these companies are recouping the investment expense within a few months, says market research publisher SBI. The New York-based publisher says hardware and component manufacturers such as Dell, IBM and Hewlett-Packard stand to benefit from the trend as well.

Overall, growing adoption of information and communications technology (ICT) products that let operations become more energy-efficient is estimated to reduce global energy consumption by over 7,358 billion kW-hr in 2015. SBI estimates that ICT-enabled energy savings will amount to 4.5% of global energy consumption in 2015.

In the aggregate, the global value created through the energy and emissions savings enabled by ICTs is estimated at $195 billion in 2010, says SBI, increasing to $548 billion by 2015.

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