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Power Analyzer Has Easy-to-Use Display

Power Analyzer Has Easy-to-Use Display

Infratek introduces the latest 108A Universal High Precision  available from single- up to six phases. It is a state of the art instrument with smart design, countless features and measurement functions. Like all Infratek s it is user friendly and simple to operate. Almost all setting changes are accomplished with two touches on the display screen or two clicks with the mouse. Furthermore, the analyzer offers four different measurement modes, standard, logging, transient and power-speed which enhances the 108A  capabilities. It supports and benefits the engineer's applications such as: calculating all quantities of power electronics, including motor- and transformer values, harmonics, energies, analog inputs, and speed. In addition, the 108A offers wide current- and voltage inputs and outputs up to 3400 values per second. It is provided with the most recent interfaces.

For the first time an Infratek  is provided with a wide angle touch screen with TFT color display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Another major advantage is the unique modular concept of the 108A ; upgrading at any time is feasible. 

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