Power Electronics

Power Analyzer

The Voltech PM1000+ allows engineers designing and testing electrical products to have a simple, cost-effective measurement solution that allows them to qualify their designs at every stage of development, significantly reducing time-to-market and avoiding expensive EMC lab re-test.

Using algorithms from the certified PM6000 power analyzer (as used by leading EMC labs) the PM1000+ analyzer provides the same measurements in one cost effective bench-top instrument. The results are obtained using proprietary software in the analyzer and processed and presented by pc software. The software configures the instrument automatically and provides detailed diagnostic results just like those from an EMC lab, showing results against the limits of IEC61000-2-3 and IEC61000-3-3. The measurements are right up-to-date with the standards, including the measurement of inter-harmonic groups and flicker, guaranteeing that all problems can be found during the early stages of a development, not at final EMC certification. Because PM1000+ harmonics and flicker option uses the same advanced measurement techniques as the certified PM6000, engineers can be confident that the product will pass EMC lab certification if satisfactorily tested with the PM1000+.

The PM1000+ is has features that provide sophisticated, accurate yet easy-to-use power, energy and harmonics measurements. During the design and test of any electrical product, engineers strive to reduce the energy consumption of the design and to comply with increasingly demanding standby power regulations such as Energy Star and IEC 63201. The PM1000+ provides a proprietary operating mode to measure standby power over the minimum possible duration, saving valuable development time. The analyzer also waveforms and harmonic bar-charts on its built-in color graphics display, instantly revealing every detail of the product-under-test's power consumption characteristics.

The flexible PM10000+ displays numeric and graphical data in a variety of forms, suited to any phase of a products development cycle from initial prototype to production test. Interfaces include USB, RS232 and GPIB for fast and efficient data transfer and storage during design or production test.

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