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POLs Deliver 10 A in Small Footprint

FDK’s Senpai Series of non-isolated point of load (POL) dc-dc converters operate from a 2.4-V to 5.5-V dc input bus. Delivering up to 10 A in the smallest industry-standard footprint, the FPMR05SR75 Senpai Series converters provide up to 67% higher output current than other available POL converters in the same input voltage range, and have a power density of up to 475 W/in3.

These dc-dc converters are designed for intermediate bus Architecture (IBA) and distributed power architecture (DPA) applications that require high efficiency, tight regulation, and high reliability in elevated temperature environments with low airflow.

The FPMR05SR75 Senpai Series converters are offered in 3-A, 5-A, 6-A, 8-A, and 10-A output current models, in a 0.8-in. x 0.45-in. x 0.211-in. (20.3 mm x 11.4 mm x 5.35 mm) SMD package with industry-standard footprint and pinout. They provide tightly-regulated programmable output voltages in the range of 0.75 Vdc to 3.63 Vdc.

With a 5.0-Vdc input and 3.3-Vdc output in an ambient of 85°C with natural convection cooling, the 3-A to 8-A models provide full-rated current, and the 10-A model provides 9 A. In quantities of 1000 pieces, the 3-A, 5-A, 6-A, 8-A, and 10-A models are priced at $4.50, $6.00, $6.50, $8.00, and $9.50, respectively. Samples are available now.

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