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PECO II Enters Strategic Partnership with Lineage Power

PECO II, Inc. and Lineage Power announced a strategic partnership under the terms and conditions of a multiyear product and services supply agreement. PECO II will develop multiple next-generation power systems that incorporate Lineage Power's high-efficiency, leading-density DC power conversion components. The next-generation PECO II systems will reflect the continuing evolution of enhanced user interfaces and maintenance features, and will be controlled by an advanced version of PECO's popular Phoenix™ Controller. The new systems meet the needs of wireline, wireless, Internet and cable service providers.

Besides the product agreement, PECO II will also have access to Lineage services personnel to leverage skills and customer relationships to help the company successfully execute new services contracts and awards. As part of the agreement, PECO II will also integrate, engineer, furnish, install and maintain power systems featuring the Lineage Power technology.

PECO II power systems that utilize Lineage components will feature "Powered by Lineage" co-branding. All PECO II power systems will preserve the familiar controller craft interface to interoperate seamlessly with current customer environments, and also preserve existing financial and training investments. High-efficiency rectifiers from Lineage embedded into the PECO II solution may reduce energy loss and associated heat output by up to 50% when compared with competitive offerings and/or legacy rectifiers.

Headquartered in Galion, Ohio, PECO II designs, manufactures and markets communications power systems and power distribution equipment, and provides engineering and on-site installation services.

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