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Oscilloscope Has Eight Analog Input Channels

Oscilloscope Has Eight Analog Input Channels

The HDO8000 oscilloscope from Teledyne LeCroy has eight analog input channels, 12-bits of vertical resolution utilizing Teledyne LeCroy's HD4096 technology, and up to 1 GHz of bandwidth. A wide variety of mixed-signal, serial data, long memory, and probe options and accessories are available with the HDO8000 oscilloscopes.

The HDO8000 is ideal for high-power three-phase power electronics system analysis. Additionally, eight channel high-definition oscilloscopes are highly useful in debugging deeply embedded systems in applications such as automotive electronic control units (ECUs), consumer appliances (e.g. washing machines, refrigerators) and industrial systems (e.g. robotics) that contain a complex mix of power electronic, power, clock, digital logic, serial data, and analog sensor signals. More channels and more resolution provide faster insight into embedded system behavior.

HD4096 High Definition Technology is rooted in high-sample-rate 12-bit ADCs; amplifiers with high signal-to-noise ratios; and a low-noise system architecture. This technology enables high definition oscilloscopes to capture and display signals of up to 1 GHz with high sample rate and 16 times more resolution than other oscilloscopes. In addition to HD4096 technology, the HDO8000 features Teledyne LeCroy's ERES (Enhanced Resolution) filtering, which enables users to gain up to three additional bits of resolution for 15-bit vertical resolution.

Models are available at 350 MHz (HDO8038), 500 MHz (HDO8058), and 1 GHz (HDO8108) of bandwidth. The HDO8038, HDO8058 and HDO8108 are priced at $23,850, $26,850, and $29,850, respectively. A 16 digital channel MSO option (HDO8k-MSO) is priced at $2,800, and the 100 Mpt/ch (HDO8k-L) and 250 Mpt/ch (HDO8k-XL) are priced at $8,000 and $10,225 respectively. A variety of other probe, serial trigger/decoder and application package solutions are priced starting at $840.

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