Power Electronics

Online Tools Let Customers Build Power Supplies

Two power supply manufacturers, Acopian and Excelsius Technologies, offer online design tools that enable customers to design or configure power supplies. These tools allow for the selection of physical as well as electrical supply parameters.

Using Acopian’s Online System Builder, the dc output voltages and currents are selected, as well as any other desired operating feature. Size restrictions can also be defined. Once an order has been placed, systems will be completely wired, tested and shipped within 9 days after receipt of an order. If non-stocked components are required, such as special connectors or circuit breakers, more than 9 days may be required.

The EXCELerate Wizard guides customers through setting the required output voltage and current needs. It also allows selection of additional options such as a standby +5-Vdc supply. The tool then configures the specified power supply, indicates the correct Excelsys chassis and powerMod output modules required, indicates the final weight, delivery time and allocates a unique model number reference. A customer-specific datasheet for the exact configuration can then be downloaded.

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