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Now there's a wiki for energy subsidies

The truth is, few people have a good grasp on the magnitude of tax breaks extended to various sections of the energy industry, says The Institute for Policy Integrity, which bills itself as a non-partisan advocacy organization and think-tank dedicated to improving the quality of governmental decision making.

Energy tax breaks comprise a murky area of the tax code that leaves taxpayers and policymakers in the dark about what big energy companies really get. To try to clarify the situation, the IPI has created a wiki to catalog sections of the tax code that benefit various energy sectors. It says any discussion about reforming the tax code should start with a better understanding of how much of taxpayers’ dollars are going industries that don’t need them.

Like the more well-known, the IPI wiki is soliciting contributions of knowledge from the online audience. And because it is just getting off the ground, many of the topics it covers don't have many entries. As of this writing, for example, the nuclear energy tax breaks section contains only one entry, as does the discussion of wind power tax breaks.

You can look up your favorite energy tax break here:

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