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Non-Intrusive MV Couplers for Installations in Outdoor Bare Overhead Power Lines

Non-Intrusive MV Couplers for Installations in Outdoor Bare Overhead Power Lines

PREMO has developed a new high current MV inductive coupler solution, MICU-300A OH/LF series, that is highly recommended for installations in outdoor bare overhead power lines as it offers high insulation >24kV. This compact, water-resistant (IP67) and weightless solution is fully compatible with mature and consolidated PRIME PLC standard and G3 popular standard, managed by the G3-PLC Alliance. The new series supports CENELEC  band (up to 150 kHz) (Europe) and FCC (U.S.), which permits the use of frequencies less than 500 kHz for narrow band PLC.

Power line communications (PLC) is a global technology that is gaining interest worldwide due to the wide availability of power distribution lines. In smart grids inductive couplers are playing a big role as it transmits the communication signals between power line and PLC data transceiver without introducing any new wires or cables; being a competitive solution compared with capacitive coupling.

MICU-300A OH/LF series is made with high permeability and high performance materials that avoid saturation problems at high currents allowing larger distances between PLC communication equipments located in different MV transformer stations. This helps to increase the broad-band and to improve communication efficiency as it offers low insertion losses 12dB±2dB (@100-250kHz); 5dB±2dB (@250-600kHz).

MICU-300A OH/LF is an easy-to-install solution with waterproof (IP67) connector integrated in the coupler that helps to save time during installation. Other connections are available under request.

By means of using this non-intrusive solution, blackout or grid disconnections are avoided. MICU-300A OH/LF cost effective solution is suitable for applications like automation of electric power distribution system, power line monitoring system, AMR (Automatic meter Recording), etc. The series has been customized for Maxim G3 PLC modems and is also compatible with Enverv PLC modem Chipsets. 

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