New Web site for power supply designers is billed as offering electrical engineers a faster way to address power supply design challenges.

The site's How2Power Design Guide search tool aims to let engineers find information on a wide range of power electronics topics and at different levels of expertise.

The How2Power Design Guide offers easy-to-follow, menu-driven searches tailored to tasks at hand. Users can look for power design information as it relates to specific application areas, or narrow their searches by focusing on particular power supply functions, design disciplines, power converter topologies, component types, or environmental requirements. In addition, a popular topics search locates frequently sought-after design information on subjects such as energy efficiency, power factor correction, and LED lighting.

Search results include summaries of articles, videos, and presentations from the websites of magazines, component vendors, consultants, and other reputable sources. Each summary provides an overview of what's covered in a particular source, including a description of "what you'll learn" from that source. The "what you'll learn" information gives users a quick sense of whether a given source will help them solve a particular design problem. The summaries include links to the source materials wherever they reside.

Search results are derived from a database currently containing entries for hundreds of sources, and new content is being added continually.

In addition to the How2Power Design Guide, the new website offers Power Around the Web, which provides links to numerous sites with power electronics information. And coming in September, the How2Power newsletter will offer new design articles, in-depth product coverage, and information about jobs in power electronics.

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