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New Ferrite Cores from ACME Magnetics USA Included in Magnetics Designer

In continuance of the development and marketing collaboration with ACME Magnetics in February of 2008, the Magnetics Designer inductive design and synthesis product now incorporates several hundred ACME ferrite cores into its existing database of thousands of geometries and materials. Build 3435's core database has also been strengthened for accuracy.

Magnetics Designer enables easy prescription of core area, path length, turns and special parameters if needed to create a variety of complex inductive devices, also accommodating non-linear effects. Further, a host of detailed generic models within a magnetic core library enables users to easily modify any number of parameters to produce a new device and/or SPICE model from the generic model.

For years Intusoft's Magnetics Designer customer base has used the product for all types of layer wound (and sector/split bobbin) transformers and inductors. The software is dialog and wizard-driven, and accommodates easy entry for a wealth of electrical specifications, ultimately producing a winding sheet report and SPICE-compatible model including parasitics.

Notable effects calculated with Magnetics Designer include AC resistance loses, temperature rise in the winding resistance, and core saturation in the inductive gap. The program also predicts magnetizing and leakage inductance, inter-winding capacitance, peak flux density, DC winding resistance, high frequency AC resistance (including proximity effects and skin effect), copper loss (both AC and DC), core loss, weight, temperature rise, layer fill and window fill percentage.

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