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New EPA-Recognized Certification Body for Energy Star

Effective December 31, 2010, the new Energy Star third-party certification requirements will force manufacturers seeking use of the Energy Star label to submit products for third-party certification from EPA Recognized Certification Bodies.

Intertek recently became the only EPA-Recognized CB which covers certification for all gas and electrical Energy Star product categories, including more than 60 product types across appliances, home electronics, HVAC, information technology, lighting, and commercial food service equipment.

Intertek says it will provide 24-hour certification, after required testing parameters are met, for manufacturers looking for Energy Star approvals.

Intertek recently deployed 18 global Energy Efficiency Centers of Excellence, throughout North America, Asia and Europe. These Energy Efficiency labs provide immediate testing capacity for qualification and verification testing, strategically located in key regional manufacturing centers. Additionally, for Energy Star Partners that will run tests in their own labs, as part of Intertek’s Satellite Data Acceptance Program, Partners will submit test data to Intertek for engineering review to product specification requirements, then get Energy Star certification for compliant products.

Intertek will provide Energy Star services through the widely known AHRI certification programs. Intertek is also a testing partner for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers’ (AHAM) Verification Programs.

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