New efficiency standards for TVs sold in Calif.

Do you have an interest in the energy efficiency of TVs sold in California? If so, you might want to take in a public hearing coming up this month. California wants is to adopt efficiency standards for active mode, standby mode, power factor, luminance control, and labeling, in televisions with a screen area fewer than 1,400 square inches in area and to adopt the IEC 62087 Ed 2 and IEC 62301 Ed 1 test procedures for testing televisions in active mode and standby mode that are published by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and have been adopted by the ENERGY STAR program.
California's Energy Commission has also published the Express Terms (45-Day Language) of the proposed amendment language. The Energy Commission will hold a second public hearing on Nov. 18 for consideration of public comments and possible adoption of the 45-Day Language unless the Energy Commission decides to modify the Express Terms through issuance of 15-Day language. These documents can be obtained from the Energy Commission Web site
For more information, documents, and the complete notice:

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