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MotorSolve v5 Performs Motor Simulations

MotorSolve v5 Performs Motor Simulations

Engineers and designers of electric machines have a revamped & more intuitive modeling environment to use when performing motor simulations and analysis as of today with the release of Infolytica's MotorSolve version 5. Major additions to the software also enhance the charts and field data available to users. Here are just some of the highlights available.

MotorSolve is among the most easy to use design software of its kind. Version 5 raises the bar of user friendliness by introducing a number of changes - both requested by users and created by Infolytica - to the interface and modeling engine to make it easier and faster.

Using MotorSolve is simple and foolproof: after a thorough review of each motor template, design parameters have been renamed (to follow the latest standard terminology) and simplified in terms of geometrical options. The variational geometry engine, which gives MotorSolve the flexibility and power to handle virtually any motor design within these templates, has also been improved by being more responsive and providing more feedback to the designer by doing a best fit of dimensions for invalid geometries.  also includes a new motor efficiency map which automatically plots the efficiency at different operating points. It can be based on a quick linear approximation or accurate nonlinear computation. Surface force density plot has also been added to the result information available.


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